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Stephanie Dee Photography

Stephanie Dee Photography

Our wedding coordination services are perfect for couples that desire assistance when their big day arrives. Beginning with the rehearsal and continuing through the conclusion of the reception, we can help ensure everything goes just as planned.

While the bride and groom are getting ready, we’ll be busy greeting vendors, setting up each of your unique items for the ceremony and reception, and checking in to ensure you have everything you need.

We’ll assist as the bridal party makes their way down the aisle and coordinate with your officiant to guarantee the ceremony runs perfectly. We’ll be an usher for your guests – directing them to each new site as the day goes on. During the cocktail hour, we’ll check in with your vendors, communicating the timeline and handling any issues, big or small, that arise. At the end of the night, while you’re busy saying your “thank you’s”, we’ll pack up everything, including your gifts and decorations for you to take home.

Our coordinators have been part of hundreds of weddings at Brandywine Manor House, so you can be assured that we have the knowledge and expertise to make your day a success. Our coordinators are dedicated to providing you with your fairy-tale wedding day.

For more information on any of our coordinating services, contact an Event Coordinator at or 610.942.2200.


              Rehearsal & Day of Wedding Coordinator          
**Our most popular package

Preparation for Wedding Day

 Initial consultation via email or phone to explain the planning & coordination process
Unlimited phone & email communication from date of contract
Have on-site meeting to confirm times, vendors, locations, and all other details on “Final Details” sheet
Receive filled in Coordination Details sheet including an inventory list of all personal items that will be used


On-site service for up to one hour (additional time available)
Line up the bridal party for their entrances down the aisle
Coordinate the Bridal party for walking down the aisle, including how to walk in and where to stand
Coordinate with officiant on any unique details
Answer any questions from Bridal party, officiant, and families
Coordinate the Bridal party for exiting, including how and when to walk out of the ceremony

Day of: Ceremony

On-site service for up to 9 hours, including set-up, ceremony, and breakdown (additional time available)
Manage wedding vendors per your instructions
Be available in person during the entire wedding day to assist vendors with any problems or questions
Set up programs and other ceremony items i.e. guestbook, unity candles, etc.
Ensure that programs are ready to be passed out and that designated person is available
Alert groomsmen as to when to begin escorting guests to their seats
Direct ceremony musicians as to where to set up
Act as liaison with the officiator and decide what cue will be used to signal the start of the ceremony
Communicate with bride and groom how much time they have before the start of ceremony
Handle any emergencies that arise
Line up the bridal party for their entrances down the aisle
Cue ceremony musicians when bridal party is ready to begin processional

Day of: Reception

Make sure dining tables are set up properly per your instructions
Ensure that reception space, lighting, etc. are set up properly per your instructions
Set up guestbook and pen, champagne flutes, cake cutting utensils, favor table, etc. per your instructions
Set up table numbers/names, gift table, amenities baskets, and arrange escort cards per your instructions
Prevent and fix any problems that may arise during your event
Remain on site througout event
Pack up gifts, miscellaneous ceremony and reception items
Check off inventory list to ensure that all items are accounted for

Contact us for more information on how we can help fulfill your wedding vision! Call or email us today at or 610.942.2200.

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