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The Oak Grove

The Oak Grove is completely unique within the landscape of BMH. Oak trees, known for their strength, surround this location, making it the perfect site for our couples to say “I do”. This circular location is surrounded by stones with a large pin oak tree front and center. Directly in front of the large oak is a flat rock on which brides and grooms can stand during the ceremony. Though guests will enter the Oak Grove through the meadow, the processional will begin from a different location. The bridal party will make their way to the footbridge in the Glen. From there, an “S” shaped curve was created where the bridal party will proceed down the aisle to the open area of the Oak Grove. This will enhance the intimate feeling of the location and keep the bride hidden until it’s her turn to make her way down the aisle. This shaded location is ideal for those hoping for a beautiful yet natural setting.

For more information on Brandywine Manor House, call or email us today at or 610.942.2200.

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*top center photo courtesy of Morby Photography