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2013: Our Year in Photos

 With today being the last day of 2013, we are reflecting on what a wonderful year it has been… and with such wonderful brides and grooms! We want to thank each and every one of you for choosing Brandywine Manor House for your special day.

Also, many thanks to each of the photographers that come out and photograph each wedding.  We’ve created a collection of photos from our 2013 weddings, many of them using the photographer’s photos – so again, thank you to you!

Congratulations to each of our 2013 couples!

Tammy Heagy Photography

5.4.13. Katherine & Matthew. Tammy Heagy Photography

5.11 Susan and James Twelve Stones Photography

5.11.13. Susan and James. Twelve Stones Photography

5.18 Michelle & Robert Amoni Photography

5.18.13. Michelle and Robert. Amoni Photography

5.25 Megan and Chris Priya & Alex Madampil

5.25.13. Megan and Chris. Priya and Alex Madampil

5.26 Kristie Jo & Josh Krystina Alyse Photography

5.26.13. Kristie Jo and Josh. Krystina Alyse Photography

5.31 Adrienne & Michael Nikcole Photog

5.31.13. Adrienne & Michael. Nikcole Photography

6.8 Tabitha & Joseph 2 Siousca

6.8.13. Tabitha and Joseph. Siousca Photography

6.15 Val & Eric 2

6.15.13. Val and Eric. Schreier Photography

6.21 Heather & Joe Photography by Ro

6.21.13. Heather and Joe. Photography by Ro

6.22 Samantha & Matthew Kelly Lapp

6.22.13. Samantha and Matthew. Kelly Lapp Photography

6.29 Erica & Michael

6.29.13. Erica and Michael

7.13 Jen & Kevin Helen Stevenson

7.13.13. Jen and Kevin. Helen Stevenson Photography

7.20 Jaclyn & Matthew Sarah Hill

7.20.13. Jaclyn and Matthew. Sarah Hill Photography

7.27 Meghan and Valencie 2

7.27.13. Meghan and Valencie. Erin Townsend Photography

7.28 Aimee and Mark Mike Landis Photography

7.28.13. Aimee and Mark. Mike Landis Photography

8.2 Marcus & Zoe

8.2.13. Marcus and Zoe

8.3 Amber & Kevin Jensen

8.3.13. Amber and Kevin. Jensen Photography

8.11 Meg & Adam

8.11.13. Meg and Adam

8.17 Amy & Austin Birds of a Feather

8.17.13. Amy and Austin. Birds of a Feather Photography

8.24.13. Katie and Gordon. Mike Landis Photography

8.24.13. Katie and Gordon. Mike Landis Photography

8.30 Elizabeth & Anton 2 KM Photography

8.30.13. Elizabeth and Anton. KM Photography Studio

8.31 Joel & Kira

8.31.13. Joel and Kira

9.1 Deb & Chris Nicole Leigh Photography

9.1.13. Deb and Chris. Nicole Leigh Photography

9.7 Ali & Geoff Lovemore

9.7.13. Ali and Geoff. Lovemore Photography

9.13 Casey & Adam 2

9.13.13. Casey and Adam. Siousca Photography

9.14 Dana & Alex 2 Brooke Courtney

9.14.13. Dana and Alex. Brooke Courtney Photography

9.21 Alicia & Colin Maria Mack Photo

9.21.13. Alicia and Collin. Maria Mack Photography

9.28 Keturah & Kiel The Wiebners

9.28.13. Keturah and Kiel. The Wiebners Photography

10.4 Peggy and George

10.4.13. Peggy and George

10.5 Colleen & Greg 2 Megan Carrie

10.5.13. Colleen and Greg. Megan Carrie Photography

10.12 Amy & Nathan CHAR

10.12.13. Amy and Nathan. Char Photography

10.19 Candice & Chris Lori D. Photography

10.19.13. Candice and Chris. Lori D. Photography

10.25 Chelsey & Neil Karlo Photography

10.25.13. Chelsey and Neil. Karlo Photography

10.26 Rachel & Matthew Vogel Wedding Photography

10.26.13. Rachel and Matthew. Vogel Wedding Photography

11.2 Jessica & Josh Photos by A. Johnson

11.2.13. Jessica and Josh. Photos by A. Johnson

To each of our 2013 brides and grooms, we are so grateful to have had you marry here at BMH. We wish you all the best as your marriage continues! Please come back and see us! The Manor Barn is available for your baby shower… and you get a discount! 🙂 

If you are interested in having your wedding or event at Brandywine Manor House, please email us at or call us at 610.942.2200.

As always, happy wedding planning. And happy new year!