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BMH | The Meaning Behind the Tree

0825We know that as future brides and grooms-to-be, it’s important to learn as much as you can about every venue option. It has been some time since we’ve updated our website, and we are so happy to be able to add some new photos and details for you to see as you plan your wedding.

In addition to our website and blog, some of you may have noticed that we recently debuted a new logo. In the past, our logo was a photo of the Manor House, but with the changes in website, we decided to also update our logo to something a little more meaningful for us. We’ve received some questions about it: Why a tree? Does it represent a specific tree? We’re happy to answer some of these questions and give you a little history behind our logo and what it means to us.


As many of you may know, Brandywine Manor House is a family owned and operated business. To read the background of the home prior to the Eck’s purchase, please head over to our About page. Gordon and Nancy Eck bought what is now the Manor House in 1983, and at that time, they had two children and were expecting another. Four years later, they were blessed with two more – a set of twins named Aimee and Dustin. Dustin went to be with the Lord only seven months later. It was during the trying time following his death that a family friend planted a young, pink dogwood tree in the family’s front yard. The friend explained that she wanted to do so to honor the memory of the baby boy and to celebrate the new life that he now has in heaven with Jesus. As Gordon and Nancy’s six children grew up, they frequently played in the front yard. “Dusty’s Tree”, as it would be called, often served as the perfect climbing tree, second base during games of baseball, and a beautiful spot for photos in the spring when the dogwood was in full bloom.

As the children began to marry, each child knew that their family photo had to be in front of Dusty’s tree.


One recent morning, while the family was  discussing options for our logo, several of us had the same idea. As a family owned and operated business with 85 acres of land, the logo should represent the most meaningful thing on our property. Without further discussion, we decided on Dusty’s Tree. To keep it even more in the family, son Matthew’s girlfriend, Brigid Gallagher – a graphic designer, created it.

Each member of our family loves the Brandywine Manor House property and is focused on providing each bride and groom with the perfect wedding day. We are so happy that BMH is the place many of you choose to create your wedding day memories. For us, the Manor House is responsible for not only wedding memories, but our family memories, as well, and it is a place we will always call home.

If you would like to have your wedding or event at Brandywine Manor House, call or email us today at or 610.942.2200.

*Each of the above wedding photos are by Mike Landis Photography.