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The Manor Barn Expansion

The Manor Barn | Mike Landis PhotographyWe are so excited to tell you about our newest addition! The Manor Barn has received such amazing responses from both our past and current BMH brides and grooms. Because of the Manor Barn’s popularity, we have recently purchased a circa 1820 barn to attach to it! This means that those of you who were hoping for a barn reception but were unable to previously can now choose to utilize the newly enlarged barn! Once the expansion is completed, the capacity of the Manor Barn will increase dramatically. It will have a wall separating two rooms, giving you the option to have your ceremony and reception, ceremony and cocktail hour, and many other combinations all inside the Manor Barn!  As this is a second story renovation, you will also have the option of holding your cocktail hour underneath the expansion in the event of rain or heat!

Construction will begin this month and because this is only a second story renovation, we do not anticipate any unsightliness or problems for our spring and summer weddings. Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll be frequently publishing updates on our blog and Facebook pages, as well as sending out updates in our newsletters to each of our brides and grooms!

Call us if you’d like more information on what these changes entail or if you’d like to switch any of your locations into the updated Manor Barn!

 If you would like to have your wedding or event at Brandywine Manor House, call or email us today at or 610.942.2200.