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Our Favorite Trends | Part Two

About a month ago, we shared the first few of some of our favorite trends of the past year. We see so many styles and themes at weddings, and each year they’re different! Each couple has ways completely their own of implementing  trends in their wedding. With the invention of Pinterest, there are more and more ideas to sift through, and the process of deciding which to include in your wedding can be time-consuming! If you’re not sure what trends you may want to use in your big day, take a look through five that are fast becoming some of our favorites for the coming year!

Morby Photography

Petal Toss Exit

Photo by Morby Photography Whether it’s for after the ceremony pronouncement like Pamela and Michael (above) or the reception exit, a petal toss is just fun. It adds color and life to your photos and gives guests an interactive way to celebrate. Last fall, I had a bride inquire about exit strategies for her reception. In looking at what was already on her inventory list of decor, we noticed she was lining her ceremony aisle with petals. We decided that following the ceremony, I’d put the petals in a basket for the guests to grab at the end of the evening and throw up as the couple made their exit!  It was not only unique but made for incredible photos! If you’re having trouble choosing an exit strategy, consider including a petal toss.

The Glen | Marie Labbancz Photography

Unique Ceremony Locations

Photo by Marie Labbancz Photography Over the years, the staff at BMH has created new and exciting locations for various aspects of your wedding. While couples opting for an outdoor ceremony generally choose one of our three designated outdoor sites, in 2014, we had five couples request a totally unique site for their wedding, essentially making them the first couples in our history to marry in those locations! Lisa and Dave (above) are just one of the couples that did so. They wanted a different, natural feel for their wedding ceremony, and as you can see from the photo above, their goal was achieved! If you’d like to marry at a unique location around the property, please let us know of your desire – so long as it’s safe, we generally allow it. 🙂


“Less is More” Floral Decor

Photo by Meagan Nicole Photography From centerpieces to boutonnieres, each couple has their own unique vision as to what type, color, and arrangement of flowers will be included in their wedding. This past year, we’ve noticed a new emphasis: less is more. We’re seeing less of the large, elaborate centerpieces and more of a focus on simplicity. Gold, silver, and copper vases, vintage jars and bottles, and lanterns with the “fresh-picked” flower look are the new trend. Baby’s breath is still popular, and wildflowers are used as often as roses and make the same impact. When choosing your floral decor, keep in mind that with this new trend, less is more.

Morby Photography

Multiple Flower Girls & Ring bearers

Photo by Morby Photography | Is there anything cuter than a toddler in a bow-tie? The answer is yes – multiple toddlers in bow-ties! This is a trend I love, partially because I had multiple kids in my own wedding – it was a circus, but an absolutely adorable one. Nicole and Nate (above) had five children in their wedding party, and these kids had a blast. Although kids are unpredictable, having more than a couple allow you to include all of the most important kids in your lives in your wedding without having to pick and choose, and as evidenced above, you’ll get some adorable pictures, as well. When choosing if you choose include little ones in your bridal party, the new trend is the more the merrier.

Josh Wong Photography

Patterned Blazers for Groomsmen

Photo by Josh Wong Photography | It’s traditional for everyone to stare at the bride as she comes down the aisle, but with this trend, eyes are also on the groom! Tuxes and matching suits are no longer the only options for groomsmen. Jordan and his groomsmen (above) made a statement in their patterned blazers. These blazers allow the Groom to choose the attire for he and his best men based on their styles, and they give a completely different look to photos! Whether you’re into fashion or just want a more unique feel for the men in the wedding, patterned blazers are a statement piece to consider including in your big day.

Trends come and go. Some last for years and some only for a season. The ones mentioned above won’t work for every couple or every wedding. But as you make your decisions regarding attire, floral, and those included in your party, consider the reasons they’re some of our favorites, and maybe they’ll become some of yours, as well.

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