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Tips & Tricks | Part Two

Rebecca and Bridger

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We’re back with another installment of tips and tricks! There are countless pieces of advice out there for couples planning their wedding. From tips on timing to decor to who to invite – it can be difficult to sift through so many suggestions. We’ve compiled a few that you may not have thought of, but that will hopefully help make your wedding day perfect! To view part one, please click here.


Reuse and Recycle | Regardless of your budget, planning to utilize your decor throughout your big day is a great idea. You can spend hours searching for just the right piece of decor or agonizing over a single decision. Just because something is purchased for the ceremony or cocktail hour does not mean that has to be its only purpose! For example, if having shepherds hooks with flowers in vases at the end of your ceremony aisles, those vases can easily be transferred to the bar, gift table, around the cake, etc. as a way to add some color and get some more use out of the flowers. If you’re planning to have picture frames with cute photos of the two of you around your cocktail hour space, move them to the reception afterwards. This is a great way to not only save money on aspects of your decor, but to make sure that some of your favorite items are seen and appreciated by your guests throughout the night.

Trust your vendors | You’ve spent months, possibly years, planning this day, so we understand the urge to want to oversee everything. But keep in mind – you’ve hired your vendors for a reason! You were confident they’d do an excellent job on your wedding day, and this is a time to trust them. While this might be the first time you’ve planned a wedding, this is certainly not theirs. Trust their expertise. To make it easier, you can choose to go with some of our favorite vendors who work at BMH frequently (for a list, visit our Preferred Professionals page).

Assign someone to be in charge of your gifts & cards | At the end of the night, someone will need to take home, or at the very least pack up, your gifts and cards. This will certainly not be you, and while it may make sense to think one of your parents will take on this responsibility, it shouldn’t just be assumed. I’ve had plenty of couples say at the end of their reception, “I’ll just ask my dad”. Meanwhile, dad has been busy celebrating and is in no condition to be in charge of things so valuable as the cards! It’s best to ask someone close to you (whom you trust) if they are willing to do so.

Plan for hair and makeup to go long | It happens at almost every wedding – hair and makeup goes longer than what you planned for. Even if you had a trial, the odds are that a bridesmaid will be late, a hairstyle might take longer than planned, or you’ll get caught up taking pictures. All of a sudden, four hours have passed and you’re running late to your own wedding! One way or another, the getting-ready portion of your day will likely take longer than expected. If possible, it’s best to plan to get ready on site (for photos of our beautiful bridal suite – please click here) or to plan for extra time to get to your venue from the salon. Regardless of where you get ready, plan for 20-30 minutes of buffer time between getting ready and pictures.

Think about wind | Outdoor ceremonies and cocktail hours are beautiful, and usually, you’re hoping for a light breeze to keep your guests cool and comfortable. But keep in mind that the light breeze you’re hoping for may cause some problems for your decor. If planning to have your place cards outside, they will need to be more than your standard card stock (this is a great opportunity to get creative!). For photos on outdoor tables, the frames should be on the sturdier side. There are certainly ways to have everything look exactly as you envision regardless of the outdoor elements. If you keep in mind that you need to work with the wind, your day will be a breeze (pun intended).


We hope these suggestions help you as you plan your wedding. Keep checking back for more inspiration for your big day!