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Head, Sweetheart, or Neither | Table Options for the Bride & Groom

We’ve had several brides asking us recently about the different options for the reception tables, and specifically, where they should sit. While there are several choices to choose from, brides typically aren’t aware of the variety of ways they can choose to enjoy their reception! Head, sweetheart, none of the above – read through our pros and […]

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The Nontraditional Bride & Wedding Traditions

Today I want to talk about the nontraditional bride, and specifically, the non-traditional bride and wedding traditions. At first glance, these do not go together. However with Pinterest, there’s really no such thing as a  traditional bride anymore, so who exactly is defined as nontraditional? As her name states, the nontraditional bride likes to do things differently. […]

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5 Things to Do Before Your Ceremony

It seems that every year there are new wedding trends and ideas. Years ago, brides didn’t give a second thought as to what they were wearing to get ready, there was no such thing as a “first look”, and you didn’t have to have a Starbucks cup with “Bride” written on it.  With so many different ideas becoming […]

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Why to Say “I Do” to Video

After becoming engaged, all of the little “to’do’s” pop up. You must pick a date, a venue, a caterer, a photographer, and so on. There are so many vendors to look into, and for some reason, one is sometimes forgotten: the Videographer. For me, photos will always be most important. More than the food, the […]

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